Welcome to the Aloft-Niio

Digital Art Portal

Niio has been chosen by Marriott to be the brand standard content solution for the Aloft video wall in the hotel lobby - to provide an elevating and impactful experience for your Aloft guests. 

What is the Aloft-Niio Digital Art Offering? 

Niio and Marriott have partnered to provide all Aloft Hotels access to gallery quality digital art to be played on a portrait or landscape video wall. This includes 12 curated artworks, provided to you in batches of 3 artworks every 3 months.

Great, so how do I get started? There are 4 simple steps:

Who is Niio? 

Niio is the enabling platform for premium, digital art experiences across residential and commercial spaces. Niio makes it easy to incorporate immersive, moving-image, digital art into any environment, providing unique access to thousands of premium video and interactive artworks from the world’s leading contemporary artists.


Great, so how do I get started? 


Step 1: 

Sign & Pay

To pay online, click here.

If you prefer to manually download, sign and send us the Purchase Order then click Existing Build Purchase Order or New Build Purchase Order. Please send back to itay@niio.com

Step 2: 

Receive Niio Player

Once we receive your payment or Purchase Order, we will ship you the Niio Player within 2 weeks.

Step 3: 

Install Video Display

Verify that you have the appropriate video display installed in your Aloft lobby. Our recommendations are Samsung and LG screens.

Step 4: 

Plug and Play

Simply plug the Niio Player into the electricity, internet LAN cable, and into your video wall screen (via the HDMI port) and let your guests start experiencing the gorgeous digital art!

Where are all the important documents I may need?

Great question. We have a Knowledge Base of important documents such as the Existing Build Purchase Order , New Build Purchase OrderSetup Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and Internet Connectivity instructions. 

What if I need support?

For all business and financial related questions, please contact Itay Asaf (itay@niio.com), for all technical and support related questions either send an email to marriott.support@niio.com, or call our US toll free number at 1800 6017820.

What Am I Getting?

You will receive 3 new gallery quality artworks of digital art changing every 3 months. These artworks will be automatically added to your Niio Player reach season.

Examples of the art you will be receiving in the first "season" are: