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Capture the fleeting moments of reflection guests and clients engage in when frequenting lobbies and waiting spaces. From making a powerful first impression and setting your brand apart, to capturing their imagination and catalysing brilliant ideas, there’s nothing quite like experiencing soul-touching premium art in unexpected scenarios

Wind of Boston - Data Paintings - 21.jpg

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Artworks:  Joe Hamilton, Cézanne Unfixed / Refik Anadol, Wind of Boston: Data Paintings / Sara Ludy, Fire Mountain / Siebren Versteeg, After Indifference / Claudia Hart, StillLife / Quayola, Strata #3 (Courtesy of bitforms gallery, NYC) / Desmond Leung, Red / Tone Bjordam, Coral / Jonathan Monaghan, Escape Pod (Courtesy of bitforms gallery, NYC) / Quayola, Camouflage / Refik Anadol, Wind of Linz

Photographer: Or Kaplan Second and third visual: Display Technology by Samsung The Wall

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