Cutting through the noise of our fast-paced cities, where advertising is as much part of the landscape as skyscrapers and urban dwellers, is no easy feat. A breath of fresh air in a commercially-dense space, digital art instead inspires people through uniquely curated experiences.

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Artworks: Alex Macleod, The Same Place / Maxin10sity at Bolshoi Theater / Maxin10sity - FINA Budapest / Teddy Lo - Spectrum Manners II - ISEA 2016 / Joe Hamilton, Cézanne Unfixed / Jonathan Monaghan, The Phoenix and the Medusa / Siebren Versteeg, after indifference / Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts, OneOne /  Kurt Kaminsky, Thirst, Leviathan, Meghan Pryce, Zighe Zhang, Edyta Stepien - Powered by 150 Media Stream / Jonathan Monaghan, Starship Baroque Series / Zeitguised, geist_xyz / Zeitguised, Void Season / Tone Bjordam, Coral Ronen Sharabani​, All at once / Quayola, Pleasant Places, Courtesy of bitforms gallery, NYC

Photographer: Or Kaplan