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Powerful 4K display, collection management and preservation tools coupled with a multitude of options for previewing, loaning of limited edition works and opportunities for new business models make Niio the perfect solution to both permanent and temporary exhibitions. From gallery locations to pop-ups and travelling art fairs, Niio equips gallerists, artists and curators with an innovative platform that solves otherwise unanswered challenges while opening doors to exciting new possibilities.

NIIO_Ars_Electronica_2018-18 (1).jpg
Quayola Asymmetric Archaeology Shanghai0
Quayola Asymmetric Archaeology Shanghai0
Quayola Asymmetric Archaeology Shanghai0

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Artworks: Quayola, Iconographies / Joe Hamilton, Close to Infinite / Quayola, Camouflage /  Quayola, Pleasant Places (Courtesy of bitforms gallery, NYC) / Jonathan Monaghan, The Phoenix and the Medusa / Jonathan Monaghan, Scroll / Jonathan Monaghan, Starship Baroque Series / Quayola, Strata Series / Quayola, Jardines


Photographer: Valentin Zelger, Paradise Art Space 

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