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In line with a generational shift in workspace culture, today’s meeting room is expected to give more. Rather than just being witness to many an idea, employees are increasingly looking to be energised, nurtured and inspired by their surroundings – seeing them instead as an extension of their employers’ values.

Or Kaplan-3171.jpg

Book a meeting with a Niio team member to learn how you can transform your space with digital art

Artworks: Tone Bjordam, Coral / Mamaroneck, Dragged over a Gneiss Outcropping #1A / Joe Hamilton, Cézanne Unfixed / Jonathan Monaghan, Disco Beast (Courtesy of bitforms gallery, NYC) / Zeitguised, Void Season Zeitguised, Arctic Munken / Joe Hamilton, Close to Infinite 


Photographer: Or Kaplan, Tom Mannion

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