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About Niio Space

Niio inspires people by offering seamless access to leading, gallery-quality video and interactive media art. By screening the world’s finest works on digital canvases, Niio’s offshoot project – Niio Space – is able to enhance homes, offices and public spaces by transforming them into mesmerising immersive art experiences. In spaces where design and function already work in perfect harmony, Niio harnesses intriguing curated art collections to make them powerfully memorable and thought-provoking.


Niio Space brings premium art pieces from the world's leading artists and galleries to private, public and commercial spaces and beyond. Trusted by artists, curators, galleries and collectors, organisations around the globe confide in Niio’s advanced technology to safeguard, distribute  and display their new media art works on digital canvases.

Niio Space is a direct response to the demands of our digital culture. A hub for the finest moving image art, its diverse, unbound-by-genre collections open new avenues for conversation while probing a myriad of concepts and exploratory themes. As such, designers, architectsand real estate developers turn to Niio’s innovative platform as an inspiring premium art tool with the potential to bring their commercial, private and public spaces to life.

Artwork: Quayola, Camouflage

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