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Now … how do I find great content for it?

Niio’s smart guide to

finding fresh and inspiring content for your large screen

(Without breaking your budget)

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You’ve made the decision to purchase a large screen for your commercial space.

Whether you’re adding this element to a lobby, an entrance, a mall, a hall, or a meeting place, your decision is solid.  This new big screen will turn the area into something special and uplifting, and give the people who inhabit that space a real experience that they’ll never forget.

We understand

The screen itself was a significant financial investment.

But a screen without content is a black void.  It’s understandable that you don’t want to spend large amounts of money on content- and you don’t have to!

So, You’re almost there…

You recognize the need to put something impressive up on your screen, but...

The big question is how?  How do I get content to put on my new digital canvas without breaking my budget?



Don’t buy the content, subscribe to it


That’s right, you don’t have to spend large amounts of money and own the content! You can have over $500K of content on your screen for only a few thousand dollars a year. And when you want fresh content you won’t have to buy that either. You have also solved the problem of what to do with the content when you have finished displaying it!

Keep the content fresh



There must always be fresh, updated, curious or useful content on your LED display. Not just ads. Otherwise, people will get accustomed to the LED screen and stop looking at it.  Or worse, they’ll develop ad blindness and simply ignore your beautiful screen.

You must constantly provide updated content: ideally, you should upload new useful content every day. Yes, every day. Fresh content holds audience attention and allows you to drive customer interaction to action in a dynamic, compelling way.

Tell a story with your content


Art is the ultimate example of a design element that tells a story.  Leverage digital artworks to bring life to your screen, and tell the story of your space with elegance.

Balance commercial and artistic content

To avoid banner blindness, strike a balance that will encourage your viewers to pay attention to the screen.


Creating an art gallery space.

Yes - you have the option of changing the nature your space just by displaying gallery-quality artworks

As you dive into sourcing content for your LED you will no doubt settle into your own best practices, but these guidelines should get you started.


 Remember, LED displays are incredible tools for creating unique experiences for your guests, but they are only as good as the content you run on them.

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